Great Pianists of the past

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Spoonful of Chopin's Secrets Vol.2
「ショパン演奏の秘かな愉しみ」第二集 歴史的ピアニストたちによる夜想曲集
Spoonful of Chopin's Secr
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Mozart Mid-Century Recordings Vol.1
Mozart Mid-Century Recordings Vol.
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Pianist and teacher, who used the stage name Eneri. In 1923 she emigrated to France, where he lived in Paris. From 1924, she began preforming as a concert pianist.

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She gave regular recitals between 1924 and 1967, mostly in the hall Gaveau, in the Russian Conservatory in Paris, in the halls of the Russian Musical Society abroad (RMOZ).


Felix wrote to his mother (Nov 20th, 1916), that "within some days the brother of Sukhotin from our hospital will come to you to the sanatorium. I will send a letter with him." This is probably the brother of Sergej Sukhotin.