New Release ! Azusa Ichijo plays Beethoven "Waldstein, Les Adieux, Appassionata"

New recording series "KONOYO records".

Azusa Ichijo plays
Beethoven 3 Sonatas


Sonata No.21 in C, Op.53 "Waldstein"
tr-01. 1st mvt.
tr-02. 2nd mvt.
tr-03. 3rd mvt.
Sonata No.26 in E-flat, Op.81a "Les Adieux"
tr-04. 1st mvt.
tr-05. 2nd mvt.
tr-06. 3rd mvt.
Sonata No.23 in Fm, Op.57 "Appassionata"
tr-07. 1st mvt.
tr-08. 2nd mvt.
tr-09. 3rd mvt.

New comer pianist Mrs. Azusa Ichijo respected Wilhelm Backhaus and more full Ziwei Deustch/Austrian pianism. Natural rustic feel, timeless sound and philosophical sense. The interpretation of 3 Sonatas, very colorful and gentle feeling. Our special recommended her "Apppassionata" sonata. Played by her Bösendorfer named "Wilhelm", DSD recordings.

Recorded: 5th - 7th, March 2011. Tokyo, JAPAN.
Audio CD [TOTAL TIME: 67'36"]
Sakuraphon - KONOYO records
Item Number: SKRP-AZ1002
Price: 1890 JPY
Seller: Sakuraphon in stock

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